Brian McCaffrey

Favorite Piece of Garbage 3

Trash Picking

I occasionally volunteer at the Wissahickon Valley Park, picking up garbage along the trails and at trailheads. I come across a lot of plastic bottles, a lot of snack food wrappers, and more hypodermic needles than I'd ever care to. Sometimes, though, I come across a truly unique and interesting piece of garbage. I love these worthless pieces of trash - the really wacky ones that make you say to yourself, "how in the world did you end up here?"

This blog series is literally filled with garbage posts - but isn't that 99% of the content on the internet anyway :P

Beautiful garbage


When picking up garbage in Wissahickon Valley Park, you sometimes run across objects left by people which aren't really garbage at all. Well... they are man-made objects which have been brought into an area that is supposed to be as pristine as possible - but you still consider them of a different class than the usual muck you run across. Today, I found a prime example of this phenomenon. I found a family of origami cranes exploring this rocky peak! These little fellows brought such delight to my day, so I decided to leave them be :^)

Now THAT'S more like it


Then later, I found this baby shoe with a cigarette on it. Hell yeah. Balance restored to the universe.