Brian McCaffrey

Favorite Piece of Garbage 1

Trash Picking

I occasionally volunteer at the Wissahickon Valley Park, picking up garbage along the trails and at trailheads. I come across a lot of plastic bottles, a lot of snack food wrappers, and more hypodermic needles than I'd ever care to. Sometimes, though, I come across a truly unique and interesting piece of garbage. I love these worthless pieces of trash - the really wacky ones that make you say to yourself, "how in the world did you end up here?"

This blog series is literally filled with garbage posts - but isn't that 99% of the content on the internet anyway :P

MetroCard (who did you hitchhike with to arrive in Philadelphia?)

MTA MetroCard

This card is used by passengers on public transit in the New York City metro area. It must have made a long journey to arrive in Philadelphia. The area where I found this adventurous passport is a clearing across the road from a bus terminal in Philadelphia, though, so it does not strike me as totally surprising that I would find it here.